grant user with the same privilege as casmadmin user is having in USS

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  • CA Service Catalog


  • CA Service Catalog:Release:14.1
  • CA Service Catalog:Release:17.0



After initially install USS ,   you can login USS UI  as  casmadmin  and can see "Data Source"  so that you can do catalog and USS integration configuration  , also service desk and USS integration .  But after  USS is using EEM for authentication ,  you will no longer be able to login USS UI as casmadmin unless your LDAP has casmadmin.     


How grant user with the same privilege as casmadmin user is having in USS ?

catalog 14.1 and catalog 17.0

1) have EEM point to internal user store  so that you can use original casmadmin to login USS UI temporarily 
2 ) login http://<hostname>:8686/group/control_panel/ as casmadmin 
3) go to Portal -> Portal Settings -> Authentication -> EEM , they can see that EEM is enabled for authentication , and the application administrator group is specified as openspaceadmingroup  ( by default ) .  

So any user who belongs to that group " openspaceadmingroup" will get the USS administrator privilege .   In your LDAP ,  you will need to have a group called "openspaceadmingroup"   and have some users belong to this group .   Then ,  after your EEM is hooked up with LDAP ,  those users who belong to this group will be able to have the same privilege as casmadmin used to have .    

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