In CA Asset Portfolio Management, company normalization rules are not working. Data importer continues to error with no company found.

Document ID:  TEC1026119
Last Modified Date:  08/08/2017
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  • CA Asset Portfolio Management
  • CA IT Asset Manager


  • CA IT Asset Manager:Release:14.1


  • CA Asset Portfolio Management:ARGIS

A device coming over from SAM fails due to a missing company.  I've added a company normalization rule for this company, mapping this company name to another company name; however, the data importer continues to report the company is missing and will not import the asset.

CA Asset Portfolio Management 14.x, any patch level

The addition of a company normalization rule is considered meta data.  Any currently running services and the application will not pick up the new meta data information until an IISRESET is performed and a restart of the services. 


Stop the data importer engine and hardware reconciliation services, perform an IISRESET and then restart the services. 

At the next iteration, then the company normalization rule will be recognized and the import will succeed. 

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