CA Mainframe Application Tuner (MAT) 9.0 to 11.0 Migration in a sysplex concerns.

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Last Modified Date:  06/14/2017
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CA Mainframe Application Tuner (MAT) 9.0 to 11.0 Migration in a sysplex concerns.


Q1. In a sysplex with the different XCF group for the different releases. If we proceed upgrading MVS1 to 11.0 but don't get MVS2 or MVS3 done soon if someone is in MAT in MVS1 but wants to set up a monitor for MVS2|3 they have to log in to one of those lpars. Yea or nay. 

A1. Yea. You must have a running CA MAT instance on an LPAR in order to initiate a monitor in that LPAR. If you try to define a monitor in an LPAR and the CA MAT started task is not running the monitor will be deferred until CA MAT starts. 

Q2. Once a monitor is run and the file created they should be able to analyze it from any lpar. Yea or nay. It is understood on my part that a monitor done in MVS1 under 11.0 may or may not analyze well if done in 9.0. That will not raise an issue. 

A2. Yay, as long as CA MAT is installed on that LPAR. It is not necessary to have CA MAT started to analyze an already created monitor file. As far as backward compatibility in analyzing monitor datasets you do not have the "bells and whistles" from the subsequent releases, but they will still analyze.

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