During an upgrade to APM 10.5.2 on Linux, the installer keeps displaying that the Postgres password is incorrect, even if entered correctly multiple times.

Document ID:  TEC1019884
Last Modified Date:  06/19/2017
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  • CA Application Performance Management


  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.5.2



  On running the installer to upgrade to APM 10.5.2 on Linux, the installer keeps stating that my Postgres password is incorrect, even if I enter it in correctly multiple times.

 If exiting the installer and restarting it, and then correctly type it both times, the APM DB password does the same thing.  I have to exit the installer each time if I enter the password incorrectly.  What is happening here?  


 The installer was modified so that when you type the first password, it assumes that this password is the correct one.

  So, if the confirmed password is wrong, it loops forever, expecting you to enter the correct confirmed password.  

APM 10.5.2

 As in this case, if the first password entered itself is wrong, you can just type 'back' at the confirm password prompt and it would allow you to enter the correct password. Therefore, you do not need to exit the installer to correct it.


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