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Last Modified Date:  08/04/2017
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  • CA Agile Central
  • CA Agile Central On-Premises



For users experiencing slow load times, slow updates, and general latency in their SaaS (web-based) subscription.


Users may be experiencing slow page load times, slow page updates, or general latency in their subscription.

  • Browser performance - Older versions of browsers which are not up to date will experience a slowdown or plugin/javascript loading issues. Please see our Browser Support page for more information.
    • Is Internet Explorer slow? 5 things to try
    • How to check: Look at the version of your browser to see if it is up to date and not running any extensions that check or disable javascript. These types of extensions will definitely cause page load errors.
  • ISP issues - issues with anything from your personal networking equipment to your local service provider can result in high latency and slow load times. This is most likely a factor if you experience load-time issues at one location or machine but not another (i.e. it's fine at work, but slow from home).
    • How to check: Are you experiencing slow load times on other websites as well?
  • Is there an unusually large amount of network activity happening when trying to access your subscription (streaming, downloading, etc.) that is concurrent with your slow load times?
  • Has your ISP reported any issues/outages in the area?
  • Does your connection to your modem/router drop frequently?
  • Issues with your subscription - if you have an extremely large subscription it will inherently load a little slower than a smaller subscription
  • Is your computer hard wired to the network or wireless? Wireless being typically less performant.



  • Update your browser to the latest version
  • Disable any scripts that inhibit javascript load.
  • Flush your DNS and release/renew your IP address if you are having overall latency issues (not just with your subscription)
  • Have 5 or fewer applications (Apps) on any custom dashboard or page.  If you need more then 5, we recommend creating them on separate custom pages.
  • Scope directly to the project in question.  If you are scoped all the way up the hierarchy, at the highest Parent level, it will most likely cause performance issues because it loads all the data from all projects in the workspace.
  • Use Chrome since we have seen improved performance with that browser.
Additional Information:

Working with Support

If you are opening a case with CA Support regarding performance issues with CA Agile Central, please provide the following information. We do understand this is long list. The more details we receive from you, the more thorough we can be in our investigation, as there are many potential causes which can contribute to performance issues. 

 1. Please provide full usernames for at least two to three users reporting latency along with the Browser/Version and OS is being used. This will enable us to review the logs for these users. 

2. Where are you or the users experiencing this geographically located? 

3. Please provide specific dates and times as you can (including the time zone) for which slowdowns were experienced. This will help narrow the scope of the search. 

4. What pages/sections of CA Agile Central seem to be slow? Are there any specific actions that fail or cause slowdowns? 

5. Please send us the results after visiting the following URL: 

6. Please send us the results after visiting the following URL: 

7. Please send us a screenshot of the results after visiting the following URL:

8. From a command prompt in Windows (or Terminal app on Mac), please share the results of running: tracert

9. Do you know if you are using a proxy - if you aren't sure, please provide what browser you are using and we can send instructions to help 

10. Are the users experiencing this working remotely and connecting through a VPN? 

11. Are the users working wirelessly? 

Please try using an incognito or private browser session to see if the results are any different. We can also provide instructions on this once we know what browser you are using. 

Do you see different results with a different browser? If you haven't tried this, can you please do that? 

Again - we know this is a lot of information to collect. We'd like to also set up a WebEx after you've been able to gather as much of this information as possible. Please include a few different times you (and any affected users) are available so we can schedule a call. 

Please help us improve!

Will this information enable you to resolve your issue?

Please tell us what we can do better.

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