Last Modified Date/Time.

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Last Modified Date:  12/29/2016
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  • CA Top Secret for z/VSE
  • CA Cleanup for Top Secret
  • CA Datacom/DB
  • CA Top Secret
  • CA Top Secret for z/OS
  • CA Top Secret Option for DB2
  • CA Dynam/T for z/VM
  • CA Top Secret for z/VM


  • CA Top Secret Option for DB2:Release:5.2
  • CA Top Secret Option for DB2:Release:5.3
  • CA Top Secret for z/VSE:Release:3.0
  • CA Top Secret for z/VSE:Release:3.1


  • CA Top Secret for z/OS:TSSMVS
  • CA Top Secret for z/VM:TSSVM
  • CA Top Secret for z/VSE:TSSVSE

What changes and/or events cause the Last Modified Date/Time to be updated?

There are a few ways for an ACID to have the Last Modified Date updated:
1.) TSS LIST(acid)' can cause the Last Modified Date to be updated.
2.) If the ACID in question owns a Resource, which is Permitted to another ACID, the Last Modified Date will be updated to allow CA-Top Secret to keep track of the WHOHAS pointers.
3.) TSO Signon or Signoff will cause an update to Last Modified Date.

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