How do we force CA-Gener/OL programs resident?

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Last Modified Date:  06/07/2017
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  • CA Gener/OL


  • CA Gener/OL:Release:7.1


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How do we force CA-Gener/OL programs resident?


Residency, in CICS, refers to a program being loaded into memory at CICS startup or first reference. Clients typically use residency so that frequently used programs or extremely large programs do not have to be constantly reloaded into memory. The Program Attribute (PAT) Utility lets you create and maintain a table that sets the residency attribute of CA-Gener/OL programs. By using the PAT Utility, you can specify if a program should be loaded and made resident at the system's initialization, or loaded and made resident the first time the program is executed. Complete information on the PAT Utility can be found in the Advantage CA-Gener/OL System Administration and Security Guide, Chapter 7, Program Attribute Utility.

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