Not receiving data exception messages but receiving data exceptions.

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Last Modified Date:  10/27/2017
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  • CA Gener/OL


  • CA Gener/OL:Release:7.1


  • CA Gener/OL:GENROL

Not receiving data exception messages but receiving data exceptions. What is the best method to analyze a data exception error to determine where the error occurs?


Review for a HANDLE command in the program. If so, replicate the HANDLE line and comment out the original line.

From the replicated line, remove any path for a data exception off of the HANDLE command line (i.e., data check (DCK), program check (ASRA), or run-time error (RTE)). ASRA, DCK and RTE are the current data exception paths for a HANDLE command; however, in the future there may be others.

As such, refer to the CA Gener/OL Reference Manual under the topic HANDLE Command.

Rerun the program. You should then get the error messages for a data exception, which will tell you the line the data exception occurred, the field name and the bad data. Correct the field(s) in question. 

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CA Gener/OL Reference Manual 

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