CA Licensing Update History: Current Package
v1.9.01 for Windows and 1.80.0 for UNIX

Updated: July 06, 2009

Version Operating System Release Date Reason
1.9.01 Windows 14-May-2009 Fixed a major issue
1.9.0 Windows 05-Feb-2009 Windows 2008 Certification, Issue Fixes
1.80.01 Windows 10-JUN-2008 Fixed a major issue
1.80 Unix, Linux, Windows 08-JAN-2008 IPV6 support, Licensing vulnerability fix
1.70.0 Unix, Linux, Windows 25-OCT-2007 Windows World Writable, Branding Windows 03-OCT-2006 Data Files Update + Minor Star Issues
1.63.03 Unix, Linux 09-FEB-2007 Prod codes modifications + NSM binary fixes
1.63.0 Solaris, Linux 26-MAY-2006 World Writable Vulnerability
1.63.0 Windows 20-APR-2006 Data Files Update
1.62.16 Unix, Linux, Windows 5-DEC-2005 Data Files Update
1.62.15 Windows 31-OCT-2005 Major Version
1.62.14 Unix, Linux, and Mac 24-OCT-2005 Data Files Update
1.62.12 Windows 07-SEP-2005 Major Version
1.62.11 Windows 31-AUG-2005 Major Version
1.62.10 Windows 02-AUG-2005 Major Version
1.62.7 Unix, Linux, and Mac 07-JUL-2005 Major Version
1.61.9 All 24-JAN-2005 Critical Fix
1.61.2 Windows 19-NOV-2004 Critical Fix
1.61.1 Unix and Linux 20-OCT-2004 Critical Fix
1.61.0 All 15-SEP-2004 Major Version
1.60.3 All 11-JUL-2004 Minor Version
1.60.2 AIX 03-JUN-2004 Critical Fix
1.60.0 All 3-MAR-2004 Major Version
1.57.0 Windows 26-NOV-2003 Major Version
1.56.0 AIX 24-SEP-2003 Critical Fix
1.55.0 Unix and Linux 20-AUG-2003 Major Version
1.54.0 Windows 19-JUN-2003 Critical Fix
1.53 All 29-MAY-2003 Major Version
1.52 Windows 27-MAR-2003 Major Version
1.50 Unix and Linux 31-JAN-2002 Major Version
1.46 Windows 10-OCT-2001 Major Version

Details of Changes

Version 1.9.01

  1. Significant issues addressed

Version 1.9.0

  1. Significant issues addressed

Version 1.80.01

  1. Significant issues addressed

Version 1.80.0

  1. Significant issues addressed:

Version 1.70.0

  1. Significant issues addressed:

Version 1.63.03 (non-Windows)

1.6.3 did not include the correct binaries for addlic, dellic, calliclst and licutil.o. This release fixes that problem along with a couple of changes to licenvusr script

Version (Windows)

  1. STAR Issue 15070066 (STAR Problem LIC98 31) - Japanese State List-box modified so that it was NOT sorted:

  2. Prod codes modifications (Differences between 1.63 Unix version of prod_codes.txt and Windows 1.63.02 version

Version 1.63.0

  1. Significant issues addressed for Unix/Linux:

  2. Significant issues addressed for Windows:

Version 1.62.165

  1. Significant issues addressed:

Version 1.62.15

  1. Significant issues addressed:

Version 1.62.14

  1. Updated prod_codes.txt data file.

Version 1.62.12

  1. 14333557 - The data files in the CA_LIC will upgrade correctly in the case where the Modified timestamp of the data file is more recent than the Created timestamp of the data file.

Version 1.62.11

  1. 14037220 - silent.exe may return 0 (success), even if the install fails. The fix is that now silent.exe will return 0 only if the version of the lic98version.exe in the CA Licensing package matches the version of the lic98version.exe installed in the CA_LIC directory. Otherwise, it will return a non-zero value.

Version 1.62.10

  1. Include support for 11 Tier 4 languages: Swedish, Dutch, ...

  2. Support for single Multilanguage package

  3. Extended field sizes to areas within the RegIT (trial and non-trial) panel

  4. Include support for unique RegisterIT license keys.

  5. Provide early support for REGIT 10 key generation - Incomplete / pending applications

  6. Removal of the localized version of the lic_comp_codes.dat file

  7. Significant issues addressed:

Version 1.62.7

  1. Include support for 11 Tier 4 languages: Swedish, Dutch, ...

  2. Support 32-bit Itanium for HP 11.x within the existing HP package.

  3. Significant issues addressed:

Version 1.61.9

  1. CA License client will be kept as Manual if already set to Manual.

  2. CA License client/Server security patches completed on all platforms.

  3. Solaris 64-bit Itanium is now supported.

Version 1.61.2

  1. 13781892 - ca_license_release will no longer cause a crash when inadvertantly called by Ingres.

Version 1.61.1

  1. $CASHCOMP may now be a directory directly beneath root (ex: /test)

  2. caliclst binary is now installed on the behalf of unicenter applications.

  3. /opt/CA/ca_lic and /opt/CA/CAlib links are created so that unicenter application can invoke unicenter-specific binaries placed in the ca_lic directory.

Version 1.61.0

  1. ca_license_release function now supported. It must be called at product uninstall

  2. Checks on product codes starting with "1" will now return LIC_AOK until 2035 (not 2007).

  3. Windows

  4. Unix/Linux

Version 1.60.3

  1. APIs added to English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian licreg.dll (registerIT):

  2. Issues Addressed:

  3. Added support in Unix/Linux packages for Japanese EUC.

Version 1.60.2

  1. 13413763 - On AIX, the /etc/profile may not have write permissions however root users can still write to the file. If the license install sees lack of explicit permissions the install quits.

Version 1.60.0

  1. Rewrite of Unix install script:

  2. ca_license_query API ported to Unix and Linux packages.

  3. Localization supported by Unix/Linux packages via the install_lang script.

  4. MAC OS X platform is now supported for the first time.

  5. License client and server stabilized across all platforms.

  6. Only RPM packages for Linux Intel and s390 will be supported. An install script is included in the download for products not using RPM. See Linux Readme for more information.

  7. Major STAR issues addressed:

Version 1.57.0

  1. Lic98 package version is no longer tied to the lic98.dll file. It is now tied to the lic98version.exe on all platforms. Lic98version.exe will also log the version of all license binaries.

  2. Implemented ca_license_query API for lic98 (see lic98 API document).

  3. Implemented ca_license_decode API for registerIT 9 (see RegIT 9 API document).

  4. Major STAR issues addressed:

Version 1.56.0

  1. AIX5x and AIX4x packages combined into one AIX package to avoid 64 bit libraries getting overwritten when the 4x package is installed over the 5x package.

  2. licrmt is modified to fix bug issue: 12944314 & 12958386

  3. Installer now creates *.so links in /opt/CA/ca_lic again along with the *.o links.

Version 1.55.0

  1. lic98 package version is no longer tied to the lic98 DLL. It is now tied to the lic98version binary on all platforms.

  2. licrmt is modified to fix bug in issue: 12812899.

  3. An RPM installer is now provided for the two Linux packages and this is the recommended package to use on Linux.

Version 1.54.0

  1. Merge module installer is provided.

  2. (No licensing files are changed).

Version 1.53

  1. CA License Management agents are upgraded to communicate with CALM GUI.

  2. licrmt (CALM client) will start as an automatic service on Windows and is invoked by the lic98 library on Unix at each license check.

  3. Generic tier licenses are now supported on all platforms.

  4. Installer changes:

Version 1.52

  1. Installs using InstallShield setup into the Program Files folder unless C:\CA_LIC already exists. Invoked via silent.exe.

  2. RegisterIT 9.0 runtime is included and is now packaged with lic98.

Version 1.50

  1. Unix port of 1.46. Available for several Unix and Linux 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.

Version 1.46

  1. Original ALP introduced backward compatible on old LicenseIT and KMS licensing.

  2. Licenses are no longer tied to MAC Addresses.