Certified Integrations - SDM

 Last Updated: April 25, 2013

Service Desk Management (SDM)

The focus of SDM is management of the service life cycle: automating ITILŪ and IT support processes to consolidate, log, track, manage and escalate incidents while pinpointing the root cause of a problem by providing visibility into all IT assets and the relationships between configuration items. A very useful SDM book is the Service Desk Manager 12.5 Greenbook. Use this along with the three volume set of CA Service Desk Manager Integration Best Practices (these Greenbooks include best practices for a number of integrations not detailed here).
Volume 1 includes detail on SDM 12.6 (and higher) integrations with Service Catalog and Clarity PPM. It also covers CA Business Service Insight, CA Identity Manager, and CA SiteMinder integrations.
Volume 2 includes detail on ITIL V3 integrations. It also covers CA Process Automation integrations.
Volume 3 includes integrations for CA Asset Portfolio Management, CA Client Automation, CA Patch Manager, CA Configuration Automation, CA Ecometer, CA Network And Systems Management AND CA Spectrum.
For CMDB and CA Configuration Automation Integration Best Practices refer to this Greenbook.

The following lists selected integrations available to support SDM.  For more information on the integration itself, as well as the business value and where to go for more information, click the corresponding link.

The following list identifies 3rd party integrations that support Service Desk Management: