CA Endevor SCM Interface for DB2 for z/OS
Product Announcement

October 01, 2008

To: CA Endevor SCM Interface for DB2 for z/OS Customers
From: The CA DB2 Product Team
Subject: New Release Announcement

On behalf of the CA team, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide high-quality, innovative software and services. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly announce updated releases and maintenance for our products.

Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of CA Endevor SCM Interface r11.5 for DB2 for z/OS. This product was formerly known as Endevor for DB2 and Endevor for DB2 Remote. The previous release was numbered 4.0.

In keeping with the new naming for the Endevor product line, this release carries the new naming seen above. Also the release numbering was adjusted to coincide with the release numbering of our CA Database Management Solutions for DB2. The latest release of those products is also r11.5.

The development and support for CA Endevor SCM Interface for DB2 for z/OS product is now done by the same team that develops and supports our CA Database Management Solutions for DB2. Over the past couple of years, we have totally replaced the DB2 access architecture in the product so that it now uses the capabilities of CA RC/Migrator and CA RC/Compare.

This new release includes new capabilities such as:

For additional details see the Release Notes document for the CA Database Management Solutions r11.5 SP2 for DB2 for z/OS at:

Only the DB2 related components of the product are contained in the updated release. If you utilize the other parts of the former Endevor for DB2 product, you can continue to run both the 4.0 release and the new r11.5 release to utilize the full functionality of the product.

Endevor for DB2 ( EDB2) 4.0 is a product whose purpose is to facilitate keeping DB2 plans, packages and objects synchronized with applications changes. The functionality it provided can be divided into two main areas:

DB2 Plans/Packages: These functions help keep plans and packages synchronized with application changes. This functionality is typically used by the Endevor Administrators. This includes the Endevor Package Backout Exit Facility and some of the functionality in ENNSYNC.

DB2 Objects: This is the BUILD and SYNCH facilities used to keep DB2 tables and other objects synchronized with application changes. This functionality would typically be used by DBA's.

The CA Endevor Interface r11.5 for DB2 for z/OS is the new release of EDB2 created to address the need for up to date support of DB2 versions by the "DB2 Objects" functionality. Since this is simply the next EDB2 release even though the name changed, all existing EDB2 customers who are current on their maintenance can receive this functionality at no additional charge.

The CA Endevor Interface r11.5 release was created by the DB2 tools development team and is NOT a complete replacement for EDB2 4.0. It is a standalone piece that replaces only the "DB2 Objects" functionality of EDB2 and provides support for the latest DB2 versions.

For the next few years customers that need the DB2 Plans/Packages functionality can continue to use EDB2 4.0. If a customer needs the DB2 Objects functionality they can use CA Endevor Interface r11.5 for DB2. They can use both if they need both sets of functionality. The long term strategy is to merge EDB2 4.0 and CA Endevor Interface for DB2 into a single product.

With this new release, we are pleased to continue to offer an alternative to physical distribution. You can download this release, the Product Documentation, and the Product Information Packet from Support Online by logging on to and accessing the Products Link under the Download Center heading on the left side of the page to get started. Please note that if you have multiple CA Database Management for DB2 products licensed along with Endevor SCM Interface for DB2, you only need to select and download one product as the package is the same for each product.

If you prefer to receive a physical copy of this new service pack and collateral, please call 1-800-637-5858, option 2. Be sure to request CA Database Management Solutions r11.5 SP2 for DB2 for z/OS. For customers outside North America, please contact your local CA Support Center.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact your local Support Availability Manager. For technical assistance, please contact CA Support at 1-800-859-3289 (U.S. and Canada or 1-631-342-4683 (International)).

We designed our ongoing product development, customer support and maintenance programs to help customers succeed, and believe our latest service pack is a good example of our efforts.

Thank you for your continued support of CA.