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Symbols & Numeric




Access the Policy Server User Interface

Action Group Box

Active Expressions

Added or Modified Environment Variables

Administrator Credentials Group Box

Administrator Methods

Administrator Scope and Tasks

Advanced Group box

Advanced Rule Options

Advanced Tab

Advantages of Session Variables

Affiliate Domains

Agent API

Agent API Support

Agent Methods

Agent Type Group Box

Agent Won’t Start Because LLAWP is Already Running or Log Messages not Written to the Correct Log Files

Allow/Deny and Enable/Disable Group Box

Anonymous Authentication Schemes

Anonymous Template

Append Messages to Log Files

Assign an Administrator

Assign User Directories

Attribute Caching Group Box

Attribute Fields Group Box

Attribute Kind Group Box

Attribute List Group Box

Attribute Types

Authentication and Authorization Map Methods

Authentication API

Authentication Events

Authentication Scheme Configuration

Authentication Scheme Methods

Authorization API

Authorization Events

Authorization Services


Basic Authentication Schemes

Basic Over SSL Template

Basic Template

Before You Begin

Before You Upgrade the Policy Server

Bind Policies to User Attributes

Bind Policies to User Groups

Bind Policies to Users with the Manual Entry Field

Bind Policies to Users with the Search Feature


Cache Commands

Cluster Configuration

Code Samples

Collect Additional Attributes

Condition Group Box

Confidence Levels and SiteMinder Authorization

Configuration Information

Configure a Connection from the Policy Server to CA LDAP Server for z/OS

Configure a Multi-Value Parameter

Configure a Single Target Realm

Configure a Single Use Policy

Configure a Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition as a Policy Store

Configure ADAM/AD LDS as a Policy Store

Configure an Encrypted Parameter

Configure an Impersonation Authentication Scheme

Configure Single Logout

Configure the file

Configure the Web Server with the Web Agent Option Pack

Connect to a DirX Policy Store

Create a WebAgent.conf File

Create an SmHost.conf File

Current Setup Group Box

Custom Authentication Schemes

Custom Template


Delegated Management Services API

Delete SiteMinder Data from an Old Policy Store

DeleteIPConfig Method—Deletes Specified IP Configuration Object

Directory Setup Group Box


Domain Methods


Enable a Web Agent

Enable ServletExec to Write to the IIS File System

Enable Signout

Enable SNMP event trapping

Encryption commands

End of Session Cleanup

eTelligent Rules

eTrust Audit Overview

Example: 5.x Web Agent

Example: 6.x Web Agent

Exported Enumerations


Federation Security Services


General Considerations

GetAttrNameFormat Method—Retrieves Format of Attribute Names

GetVariableType Method—Retrieves Variable Type Object

Group Methods


How Rule and Policy Time Restrictions Interact

How to Configure an LDAP User Directory Connection over SSL

How Web Agents Use the Agent API

HTML Form Template

Identify the Required Administrator and Policy Server Object Names

Identify the Web Agent Requirements

Impersonation Template

Important Considerations

Include File

Increase the Request Timeout

Infix Notation Group Box

Install a Servlet Engine for Registration Services (optional)

Install the Documentation

Install the JDK for Federation Web Services

Install the Policy Server and Its Option Pack

Install the SiteMinder Documentation

Installation and Upgrade Considerations

Installation Modes

Installation Overview

Installation Path

iTechnology Overview



Known Issues


LanMan User Directories

LDAP Referrals

LDAP Search Group Box

LDAP User DN Lookup Group Box


Management Services

Mapped DNs Group Box

MS Passport Template


Navigate to the Authentication Scheme Dialog

Navigate to the Rule Items Dialog

New Features

Next Steps


Object Associations

Object Properties Files

Obtain the LoginID

ODBC Query Scheme Methods

OneView Monitor Overview

Operating System Support



Password Policy Methods

Plan a Recovery Strategy

Point the Policy Server at the Policy Store

Point the Policy Server to the Database

Policy Management API

Policy Management Setup

Policy Methods

Policy Server Authentication Service calling Policy API Init and Release Functions (33966, 31579)

Policy Server Components

Policy Server Management Console

Policy Server Management Overview

Policy Server Overview

Policy Server Search of User Stores during Authentication

Policy Server User Interface

Presentation Properties Files

Properties Files

Protect Web Sites Against Cross-Site Scripting


Quick Installation Overview



RADIUS Server Template

Read RADIUS Log Files With Smreadclog

Realm Methods

Record Messages in a Log File


Register a Trusted Host

Remove the Policy Server Being Upgraded from Your Environment

Required Linux Libraries

Requirements for Using Session Variables

Resource Group Box

Response Attribute Methods

Response Attribute Types

Response Attributes

Response Methods

Restrictions Dialog Prerequisites

Risk Scores and Confidence Levels Compared

Rule Items Dialog

Rule Items Dialog Fields and Controls

Rule Items Dialog Prerequisites

Rule Methods

Run the Unattended Policy Server Installer


SafeWord HTML Form Template

SafeWord Template

SAML 2.0 Attribute Authority

SAML 2.0 Indexed Endpoints

SAML 2.0 Template

SAML Artifact Template

SAML Assertions

SAML POST Template

SAML Service Provider Dialog--Advanced Tab

SAML Service Providers Tab

SecurID HTML Form Template

SecurID Template

Select Users for Which Assertions Will Be Generated

Session Methods

Session Services

Set JRE in PATH Variable Before Uninstalling Any SiteMinder Component

Set Up a Key Database to Sign and Verify SAML POST Responses

SiteMinder Authorization and Confidence Levels

SiteMinder Test Tool

smauthetsso authentication scheme

smldapsetup and Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition


Specify Log Levels

Standard Agent Support

Stop an Unattended Installation in Progress

Support for Custom Code

Supported Authentication Schemes

Supported Credentials

Supported Platforms

System Requirements


Tasks Related to the Rule Items Dialog

Tasks Related to the SAML Service Provider Attribute Editor Dialog

TeleID Template



Tunnel Services


Unattended Installation

Unattended Installation Overview

Uninstall the Documentation

Upgrade a 5.5 Policy Store to a 6.0 Policy Store

User Directory Methods

User Methods

User Store Considerations

User-Defined Function

Utilities Package

Utility Functions


Verify the CA Directory Cache Configuration

Web Agent Not Performing Exact URL Extension Match Against the Auto-authorize List (37685)

Web Agents

Web Service Variables


When All Clusters Fail

Windows Authentication Template


WS-Federation Template


X.509 Client Cert and Basic Template

X.509 Client Cert and Form Template

X.509 Client Cert or Basic Template

X.509 Client Cert or Form Template

X.509 Client Cert Template

X.509 Client Certificate Authentication Schemes