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Install, Configure, and Deploy on One Computer

As a system administrator, you want to install, configure, and deploy on the same computer. To perform these tasks, you run the product installer where you installed the Java web application server. This computer can contain the database server application, or it can reside on another computer.

Important! After the Full install, never undeploy CA OM Web Viewer from the installed Apache Tomcat. Undeploying results in data loss, or even loss of the application. If you undeploy, you have to restore from a backup WAR file. Find your copy of the product installer. (See Acquiring the Product Installer, for more information. FTP your installer to a different computer if needed.

The following diagram shows how you install, configure, and deploy on the same computer:

Diagram that shows how you install, configure, and deploy the product on the same computer.

  1. Verify your configuration type, deployment prerequisites for WebSphere or Apache Tomcat, and the environment requirements.
  2. Run the product installer.
  3. Launch the configuration tool.
  4. (Minimal Install Only) Deploy the product.