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Back Up and Restore Internal Configuration Settings

The configuration tool creates a backup of the current configuration settings each time it runs, when you select the Save Settings Changes option. You can use these backup files to revert CA OM Web Viewer to an earlier configuration state. Use this example for Application-Level Internal Configuration.

The CAOMWebViewer12.war or CAOMWebViewer12.ear files contain the configuration files. To restore files, you must extract the config folder.

Note: This procedure uses the JAR command (recommended method) to perform the WAR/EAR file operations. As an alternative, ZIP and UNZIP commands (on Linux and USS) may also be used to perform WAR/EAR file operation. The Java JDK includes the JAR utility. Most Linux distributions include the ZIP and UNZIP utilities; for USS, you get these utilities from IBM (z/OS UNIX System Services - Ported Tools). To allow for the use of these commands, you may need to add the folder that contains the utilities to your current path.

Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the WAR or EAR file.

    The default location is the <CAOMWV12_HOME>\deployable folder.

    Note: This location can differ if you deployed the product on a different machine than where you installed the product.

  2. Open a CMD prompt (Windows) or console, and make deployable the current folder.
  3. Enter the appropriate command for the EAR or WAR file:
    EAR file only
    1. Extract the WAR file from the EAR file:
      jar -xvf CAOMWebViewer12.ear CAOMWebViewer12.war
      unzip CAOMWebViewer12.ear CAOMWebViewer12.war
    WAR or EAR file only
    1. Extract the config folder from the WAR file:
      jar -xvf CAOMWebViewer12.war config/
      unzip CAOMWebViewer12.war config/*
  4. In the resulting config folder, identify the backup level that you want to restore.

    To review these settings, use an ASCII text editor.

  5. Rename the current files that you want to restore (,, or both) so that you can replace these files.
  6. Copy the backup files and rename these files as and respectively.
  7. Enter the appropriate command for the EAR or WAR file:
    WAR or EAR file only
    EAR file only
    1. Update the WAR into the EAR file:
      jar -uvMf CAOMWebViewer12.ear CAOMWebViewer12.war
      zip CAOMWebViewer12.ear CAOMWebViewer12.war
    2. Delete the WAR file that you created in Step 3a.

    Important! If you are deploying the WAR file, do not delete the WAR file.

  8. Delete the config folder that you created in Step 3b.
  9. (WAR or EAR file only) On the Java web application server, undeploy the CA OM Web Viewer application, and then deploy the updated WAR or EAR file.