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Understanding VSS Snapshot Properties

This section lists the VSS Snapshot properties, corresponding values, and provides an explanation of each property.

Create Shadow Copy (VSS)

To create VSS snapshots automatically during replication suspension or after successful AR test, set this option to On.

Preferred Number of Snapshots to Keep

Enter the number of snapshots you prefer to save and monitor. Once this number is reached, the oldest snapshots are replaced with newer ones. However, if the oldest snapshot is mounted or locked for backup, it is not deleted. Then, the new snapshot is added to the snapshot list even if the number is exceeded. Other internal VSS reasons can cause the number of saved snapshots to be higher than you specified. The default no. is 10 snapshots.

Universal Shadow Storage Volume

Specify the volume on which the snapshots will be stored. Note that this property cannot be set for each scenario separately. The storage location of the first VSS snapshot that is created in the system, applies to all other succeeding snapshots.

Max Storage Size per Volume

Enter the maximum storage allowed per volume used by snapshots (MB).