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How to Uninstall CA ARCserve D2D

You can uninstall CA ARCserve D2D using the standard Add or Remove Programs application located in the Windows Control Panel and also by using the command line.

The uninstallation routine removes all CA ARCserve D2D directories, files from your computer, except for the following directories and all of their contents:

The following diagram illustrates the process to uninstall CA ARCserve D2D:

This diagram indicates the process of how to uninstall CA ARCserve D2D

Perform the following tasks to uninstall CA ARCserve D2D:

  1. Review the Uninstallation Considerations
  2. Uninstall CA ARCserve D2D Using Add or Remove Programs
  3. Uninstall CA ARCserve D2D Using the Command Line
  4. (Optional) Remove Components Left Behind by the Uninstaller
  5. Reboot System After Uninstallation
  6. Verify that the CA ARCserve D2D Uninstallation was Successful
  7. (Optional) Files Not Removed During Uninstallation
  8. (Optional) Troubleshooting Uninstall Issues