Application Restore - MS Exchange Server

CA ARCserve D2D allows you to not only protect and recover your data, but also helps you to get the Microsoft Exchange Server application that will use that data back up and running. The Microsoft Exchange Server recovery can only be made using the Restore by Recovery Point method.

The following versions of Microsoft Exchange Server are supported by CA ARCserve D2D:

Microsoft Exchange Server can be restored at the following levels:

Restore Microsoft Exchange Server Application

Note: When performing a Microsoft Exchange Server database restore (to either the original location or a recovery storage group/recovery database), you must ensure that the account also has the following administrative privileges:

  1. From the CA ARCserve D2D home page (or CA ARCserve D2D Monitor), select Restore.

    The restore methods selection dialog opens.

  2. Click the Browse Recovery Points option.

    The Browse Recovery Points dialog opens.

  3. Select the recovery point (date and time) and then select the Microsoft Exchange database to be restored.

    The corresponding marker box becomes filled (green) to indicate that the database has been selected for the restore.

    Note: If you do not want the transaction log files to be applied after restore, you need to manually delete it before the restore is performed. For more information about manually deleting transaction log files, refer to the Microsoft Exchange Server documentation.

    Application Recovery - Exchange 2

  4. Click Next.

    The Restore Options dialog opens.

    Application Recovery - Exchange 3

  5. Select the destination for the restore.

    The available options are to restore to the original location of the backup, restore the dump file only, or restore to a Recovery Storage Group/Recovery Mailbox Database.

  6. Click Next.

    The Restore Summary dialog opens.

    Application Recovery - Exchange 4

  7. Review the displayed information to verify that all the restore options and settings are correct.

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How to: Backup and Restore MS Exchange

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How to: Backup and Restore MS Exchange

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