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caroot User Account

CA ARCserve Backup uses its own authentication mechanism for management purposes. It creates a default user named 'caroot' when you install CA ARCserve Backup. You can log in to the CA ARCserve Backup Manager Console using caroot.

The default caroot user account has root privileges for all CA ARCserve Backup functions. You can set a password for the caroot user profile during the configuration of the software, or after configuration using the User Profile Manager. You can also create additional user profiles using the User Profile Manager.

The caroot password can consist of any combination of alphanumeric and special characters, but may not exceed 15 bytes. A password totaling 15 bytes equates to approximately 7 to 15 characters.

Note: CA ARCserve Backup user names control access to only CA ARCserve Backup functions, and should not be confused with the operating system-required login name and password.