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Agent for Oracle Messages

The following lists the message numbers for all CA ARCserve Backup Agent for Oracle messages generated by CA ARCserve Backup. To view information about a message, click the range in which your message falls.

Messages AE10000 through AE10019

Messages AE10020 through AE10039

Messages AE10040 through AE10059

Messages AE10060 through AE10079

Messages AE10081 through AE10099

Messages AE10100 through AE10112

Messages AE360000 through AE360019

Messages AE360020 through AE360039

Messages AE360040 through AE360059

Messages AE360060 through AE360079

Messages AE360081 through AE360099

Messages AE360100 through AE360112

Messages AE360113 through AE360119

Messages AE360120 through AE360139

Messages AE360140 through AE360199