CA Introscope and CA Site Minder  Last Updated: March 6, 2013

Type of Integration

CA Introscope is part of CA Application Performance Management (CA APM). CA APM for SiteMinder Web Access Manager is a CA APM extension that provides advanced performance management for production environment for CA SiteMinder Web Access Manager. CA SiteMinder Web Access Manager (CA SiteMinder) is a centrally managed access control platform for web-accessed applications and web services that facilitates single sign-on and federated identities for enterprise employees, customers, and partners across heterogeneous web servers, identity stores, and application servers. When a call is made to the web server integrated with the SiteMinder Web Agent, the plug-in adds SiteMinder Web Agent performance information to the transaction. When the transaction reaches the application server, CA APM for SiteMinder probes collect this data and send it on to the Enterprise Manager. CA APM for SiteMinder Web Access Manager provides alerts and displays data using the standard CA APM infrastructure. With the management module editor, users can customize the CA APM for SiteMinder Web Access Manager outputs or create their own to customize the transaction-by-transaction monitoring of SiteMinder and its impact on application performance.

In addition, the CA APM Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Collector helps you collect metrics for the SiteMinder web agents even if you do not have access to the Web server or the application server. An SNMP Collector can obtain metrics for multiple policy servers that provide both policy server data and connected web agent data.

Business Value

This integration enables production application support teams to triage and quickly resolve problems between CA SiteMinder and business application components reducing operational risk.

Where to go for more information

For more information about this integration consult the CA Application Performance Management for SiteMinder SNMP COllector Guide as well as the CA Application Performance Management for CA SiteMinder Web Access Manager.