CA SiteMinder and CA IdentityMinder  Last Updated: March 25, 2013

Type of Integration

CA IdentityMinder (formerly, CA Identity Manager) provides connectors to support provisioning/de-provisioning to/from the user repositories that CA SiteMinder relies on for user information and for provisioning users to and de-provisioning from access policies established in CA SiteMinder.

In r12, CA IdentityMinder provides authentication, storage of role and task information (in the policy store), connection to a user store and password policies for installing Identity Manager natively. However, integration with CA SiteMinder can provide advanced functionality, including SiteMinder authentication and advanced Password Policies. In this release all the components needed for Identity Manager server installation are installed with one installer; this includes components for provisioning and extensions for a SiteMinder Policy Server.

Integration was further enhanced in CA IdentityMinder r12.6 and r12.6 sp1 to allow two products to share the same report server. Native CA IdentityMinder password policies replaced SiteMinder APS AND Java Connector Server (Java CS or JCS) was renamed to CA IAM Connector Server (CA IAM CS). For more details, see the latest Release Guide.

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